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We'll challenge you to dream bolder, identify and clear blocks while becoming your ultimate self.
Making the Unattainable Seem Easy

About Us

Law of Attraction Workshop



Welcome to Y-Age - a community where we make the unattainable easy. 


You're reading this because you're committed to see how you can break the barriers of your ultimate 'unttainable vision' in life and business. 



Who We Are


We are instigators of change. Our personalized programs help to connect people and teams to their unique paths to success. 


Our principal coach Ying Han has coached clients from 5 continents, trained more than 150 entrepreneurs, consulted for corporate innovation teams, and given talks including at Forum of the Future. 


Why do we do what we do? We care.


We care about your dreams and we care about happiness, joy, and that sustained sense of meaning. In a corporate setting, this means creating an innovative culture where people love coming to work and are inspired to implement new ideas.


We help you find that inner desire - ensuring no stone is left unturned. With that focused mindset, together we create a step by step action plan to support your transformation.



What We Believe in


We believe that growing is something that should be fun. Y-Age helps you connect with the wholeness you already have inside and facilitates you to reach the next level.


We believe that to truly achieve something that's sustainable, it has to come from within, authentically, laced with powerful intrinsic motivation. 


It's not just about do, do, do, do, do. Although ACTION is a huge part of what you need. We focus also on the BEING.


How We Work


Ying Han works with high achievers who are committed to growth and change. We use the same core beliefs to coach individuals and large groups. 


We run these programs:

  • Freedom Success Formula: Funding your ideal lifestyle with your ideal business

  • Passion to Action

  • MUSE: Make the Unttainable Seem Easy

  • Corporate programs: Innovation Culture



You can engage Ying Han in group masterminds or 1-1 VIP service. She is also available for a limited number of innovation consulting, corporate training, and speaking events.


Contact to take the next step!





Meet Ying


Personal Success Consultant

Ying Han is a personal success partner and coach who has an international client base who she coaches online and in person. She specializes in Neurocoaching - working with how you think so that you can manage your mind, states and ultimately results. 


Having lived in multiple countries and continents, clients approach her to gain deeper understanding in themes of identity and larger purpose.


Ying Han’s interest in personal development stems back to her first eMBA class at Peter Drucker’s Graduate School of Management, where she studied with Professor Jeremy Hunter on optimal management of Executive Minds while completing her Economics, Environment and Politics Degree at Claremont McKenna College, California. 


She began her career in digital marketing and advertising at a top advertising agency all while continuing developing her passion in personal development by training with various coaching programs, getting certified as a Master Practitioners in Neuroliguistics Programming with the Worldwide Institute of NLP, and also a Masters of Science in Innovation with the Singapore Management University. 


She's active in the entrepreneur, technology, creative and personal growth industries and has also authored various theses including a prototype personal discovery journey mobile application. 


She works with people in transition and high achievers, helping them clear limits that hold them back and progress to achieve extraordinary results.


Ying Han's multi-cultural background, wide range of tools, and creative neurocoaching techniques helps clients reach their highest potential.  


Take the first step to holistic success by dropping her a note with your requirements and desired outcome today! 


Languages: English, Mandarin, German 




Passion to Action


Y-Age's Passion to Action series holistically supports people who are contemplating changes to create a more fulfilling life. Your customized 12 session program delves into the questions and explorations of:

  • Clear Vision: What do I really really want? What is the dream behind the dream? 

  • Perspective (Mindset and Brain Science): What is holding me back? How do I get past what's holding me back? 

  • Zone of Genius: Where is the intersection of my mission, interests, contributions, and strengths? What do I need to uplevel?

  • Optimization: Who are the people and activities in your life that give you energy vs. take energy away from optimal growth?

  • Action: How do take inspired action to create my ideal lifestyle and business while having fun and maintaining balance? 


Throughout this 12 session program you'll identify and pursue what's truly important to you and find out what you stand for. You will work with your coach using proven systems to optimally manage your thoughts, behaviors, actions, and ultimately the outcomes in your life and work. 


Would you or someone you know benefit from this?


Find out more on the 1-1 program or group coaching program.


Step One:

Finding Yourself

(Session 1 - 4)


To move forward, you first need to know where you are, and where you want to be

In week 1-2, we will identify a specific area in which you want to improve and give deliberate attention to in the next 12 sessions. Then, we will set strong foundations for your upcoming transformation by introducing the power of mindsets and language when you engage your dream.


In week 3-4, we will look at who you are, by examining what your intrinsic values are, what you already have, and what fulfills you. Integrating this with our findings from the previous session, we create a goal that completely aligns with who you are and what you want to create.

Step Two: 

Ready, Set, Go

(Session 5-8)

Having solidified your goals, you are almost ready to get the engines running.

In week 5-6, we will be making sure you will be unleashing nothing less than your full potential by identifying and clearing limiting beliefs that will hold you back. To do so, we will be digging deep into those thoughts, analyzing their roots, and repurposing them constructively into your life.


In the week 7-8, we will focus on identifying, creating, and storing powerful motivations to continuously fuel yourself forward into your goals, as well as bring that energy to the people around you.

Step Three: 

Keeping The Momentum

(Session 9-12)

Now that you're on the go, what else would you need to make sure you keep running?


Week 9-10 will be on identifying and embracing opportunities and possibilities around you. We will teach you how to proceed forward with confidence, as you learn from the struggles of others and how they overcame it. You will also gain valuable mental and language tools that you can utilize to propel towards your goals.


Week 11-12 is the grand finale - putting together what you have accomplished, understanding what is next, and formulating a plan for you to continue building your dream future.

Work & Client Testimonial

MingLi, Director, Yoga Updog Studios

MingLi, Director, Yoga Updog Studios

With her inquisitive nature, Ying Han shines through as an experienced coach throughout our concise session. She is attentive and reassuring as our communication of ideas flows seamlessly leading from her thoughtful probing. I derived clarity on my personal interests and explore options to action upon them with Ying Han’s guidance. Definitely recommended for anyone seeking to identify their core passions to create the fulfilling life we deserve!

Christer E, Strategy Director, RGA

Christer E, Strategy Director, RGA

Ying Han's helped me in a variety of areas in my life, focusing mostly on managing stress at work and home during the 10 session package. I always knew I was stressed but I didn't understand exactly the sources of my stress. Identifying those root was just step one, now we're working on active plans to reduce them while advancing. One technique was particularly creative to help me compartmentalize the clutter of old fears and worries, freeing up my mind to make better decisions faster.

Beatr, Pharmaceutical Professional

Beatr, Pharmaceutical Professional

您對自己目前的狀況感到前途渺茫嗎?您對未來的自己有什麼期許嗎?本人也曾經有過這樣的情況,但是經過程穎涵諮商師的諮商以及引導後您是有可能可以轉逆境為順境的! 我本來對自己的人生充滿了無望,無力感,但是在一次與程穎涵諮商師的諮商之後我明白了一個人要想得到成功得到幸福,就要永遠保持著正面的想法,盡可能的擺脫任何對自己邁向成功與幸福的所能造成阻礙的任何想法,從那時起我改變了想法並且把自己的每一天變成了對未來的準備以及試煉。她教會了我,要有夢想才會成功! 希望給為有意願讓自己活得更好的人願意讓程穎涵諮商師來與您一起為未來努力並且一起達成目標吧!

R, Finance Professional

R, Finance Professional

I participated on Ying Han’s coaching session when I was a bit lost about what I would like to do with my life career-wise and in general. We did very good exercises that helped me to visualize my goals. After the first session already I had so many new ideas how my dream job should be like. I’d highly recommend to have a chat with Ying Han!

" Since working with Ying Han, I've revised my business plan, gotten crystal clear on my mission, created 8 clients in two weeks and attracted 7 people to help me with the business in 5 minutes with 1 Facebook post (that I had to take that request down)! All of this was inaccessible before."


" Yesterday, I had an epiphany... I refound my passion for music and business... my core strength... and made my first 12k month!"


—Ethan Seow, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Music Salon

"Ying just blew my mind... her level of questioning and how perceptive she was... allowed... time to help me to move to the next level!" 


—Annalisa Parent, Entrepreneur, Author


"Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible.

And by visualizing the impossible, 

they begin to see it as possible." 

—Cherie Carter-Scott

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