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Meet Ying

Prior to coaching, I spent  5 Years in Digital Marketing with Ogilvy & Mather, Tigerspike, with big global clients including IBM, Lenovo, and Astro (managing millions of sales across 7 countries).


I have 9 years and counting of Mindset, Brain, and Experience based Transformational Coursework.


Additionally, my personal healing journey also led me to study with Shamans, Expert Mentors, Qi Masters in alternative healing.


Above all, I honor serving from my heart. 


With my Third Culture upbringing, academic background and energetic understanding - my clients can pick from a plethora of tools, methods and viewpoints that serve their transformation the best.





Hong Kong


San Diego

Los Angeles

San Francisco




Ying Han's programs have appeared on 350+ Media Outlets including ABC, FOX, NBC, BBC. 



Other Academic Studies:

Stanford University, Palo Alto

Chemistry, Economics


Babson College - Graduate School of Business, Boston



San Francisco University, San Francisco

Organic Chemistry

Peter Drucker School of Business, Claremont

Executive Minds, Mindfulness

Transformational Leadership of the 21st Century


Worldwide Institute of Neurlinguistics Programming

Masters Practitioner of Neurolinguistics





Claremont Mckenna College

  B.A.  Economics, Politics and Environment


Singapore Management University

M.Sc. Science of Innovation

Since  2008, I’ve had the honor to mentor over 200 leaders to connect to their source of inspiration + purpose and turn them into action and fulfillment. In many cases - this was their single biggest source of financial and energetic flow and freedom.


The funny thing is, no matter in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, San Francisco, South East Asia or Europe, thousands of our attendees are activated and begin tunning into another level of their You Only Live Once Life, Businesses or Careers at our events.


In 2015, I took another step into my own ideal business lifestyle -  teaching this curriculum online while traveling 9 out of 12 months - spending time with loved ones, having adventures, and supporting meaningful transformations for my clients.


I believe when you feel vibrantly inspired and deeply connected - you are able to bring your A game and serve your team, community, company, family and society at YOUR fullest.


Your work, your success, and your happiness can co-exist. 


Another secret? You have a gift within you that will attract all the right people, clients, opportunities, abundance and fulfillment to you.


When you get in touch with that mission, vision or purpose - and allow yourself to accept and own that vast greatness fully - inspired connections, abundance and fun will flow freely into your daily life.


My clients span 5 continents (from brand new businesses to multiple 7 figure clients, from coaches, business owners to corporate executives).


The results of them living from a place of inspired connection reflects in increased team retention rates, increased productivity, collaboration, positive and inclusive innovative culture, and a bottom line that continues to grow upwards. 

If you're ready to STEP into your You Only Live Once Greatness and watch your evolution change your Leadership, Relationships, Business and Life - You're in great hands.


Hi, I am Ying Han - A Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Life + Business Innovation Expert to high achievers (even if you're trying to hide it) who want to make a big difference, like you.

Am I the right guide for you?

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