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Make Your Big Impact: Aligning Your Passions with Ambition


Location: Make School, San Francisco, CA

Time: 21 June 2016 7:00-10:00 pm


The 2 problems that people have when going for what they want are:


1) Not knowing what you want

2) Not believing that you can get it


Unfulfillment means values aren't being met. And to get values fulfilled, we first need to know what they are, then garner the resources for us to create our desired reality.


This week we invite Ying Han, who will lead us through her process on creating a lifestyle centered around turning a passion into a sustainable business, sharing techniques and tools to identify what your personal impact and fulfillment based lifestyle looks like.


Ying Han is a MUSE (Making the Unobtainable Seem Easy), International Peak Performance and Innovation Consultant and the founder of Freedom Success Formula. She helps entrepreneurs turn passions into 6 figure lifestyles on a global scale, consulting between Singapore, Shanghai and San Francisco. Prior to coaching, she was in corporate advertising with Ogilvy & Mather, managing million dollar international campaigns.


You can also find her at The Startup Celebrity Show, BBC, Forum of the Future, and the Tao of Confidence.




Mingling begins at 7:00pm

Salontroductions begin at 7:30pm. (+ activities/games)

The doors will be LOCKED after 7:30pm.


One Salon is a weekly social, cultural, and intellectual gathering of curious individuals that focuses on engaging in stimulating scheduled talks and wonderful ad-hoc conversations with each other.


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