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I love to support talented corporate go getters, action takers, creatives, coaches, healers, manifesters and spiritual entrepreneurs like YOU to access your deep clarity, and overcome the stumbling blocks standing in your way, so you can pursue your You Only Live Once Life, Career and finally create the business or career transition uniquely fitted to YOU.


It is my highest intention to ensure you leave this call with a BREAKTHROUGH, including the opportunity to work with me more deeply.


On our call, you will discover EXACTLY the biggest blocks that stand in your way to create Your Liberated Leadership in your career or business (in YOUR YOLO way), as a gift from me.


To maximize the value you’ll receive from your 1-1 Liberated Leadership Breakthrough Call for Life & Biz, please answer all questions BELOW honestly and completely. Your answers are strictly confidential.


You will then be contacted to book your complimentary call if your request is approved. I hope it is!


With love and blessings,






1. What is your expertise? Can you help me with getting clients? 

Business, Marketing, Deep Healing and connecting to your authentic voice on all levels. Multi-dimensional success. Yes.


2. I've been wanting to start a business - can you help me with that? 

Yes. We have helped people go from idea to MVP, or failing service to create offers that reach their audiences. And we help you with getting rid of the roadblocks of taking action (why do people take a bajillion online courses/ watch and read a ton of youtube or articles but still don't get results?) We share those strategies with you too. 


We also help people who have been in business for 5-10 years without the results they're looking for. There's something else blocking you that you are not aware of (otherwise it wouldn't be there). You'll have my eyes and experience to see what that is for you. 


3. Fullfillment - I can't seem to be fulfilled no matter how many jobs I change. Can you help me with that? 

Yes. Our whole Bestselling Book You Only Live Once, Leadership Liberation Program and Your Unique Magnetic Momentum are all geared towards identifying YOUR fulfillment markers FIRST before creating your next step (career, project or business).


4. I am unhappy and heartbroken - can you help? 

Yes. Healing is a multi-faceted experience - while people like to compartmentalize life - it only works to a certain extent. You are most efficient when you are not blocked up - I have the tools to support you. 



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