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I've had the honor of working with some of the most amazing and inspirational people in the world!

Thanks to the power of technology, I'm able to connect and support incredible all over the world – Asia, Africa, Europe, and the USA! Here's a little peek into our transformational work together...

Thank you so much for your input that has helped me get to where I am, but more importantly is going to help me move to the next step!! I was uncertain what direction to take my work in. I was also struggling with how to prioritize different parts of my life, from community work to building an app, and this left me flailing in a bit of an abyss. Finding the right connection is very important to me, with everything I do.


Meeting Ying Han and feeling her positive energy and enthusiasm helped to spark my own. I was also hesitant about how much time and money to invest in myself, and whether I was worth it. 


I have clarified the key pillars in my life, separating out work from other priorities. I've launched an app using many of the promotional ideas that we discussed in our sessions. I've pushed the boundaries of what I'm comfortable with in approaching people to help promote the app. I've identified an ongoing revenue model for my business and started to put that into action. I've created new business cards. I've worked through strategies that I need (and don't need) for marketing. I love my map we created of all my priorities. And I ‘love’ that I've been held accountable.


Sessions allowed me to focus on developing a business model for my blog. After our initial chat I felt that Ying Han connected with my enthusiasm and passion for what I'm trying to do with Singapore Foodie, and also appreciated the other elements of my life. 


If you're looking for coaching that is enthusiastic and passionate, and someone who will push you without being a tyrant, speak to Ying about coaching.  

Launched an app using ideas in our sessions, pushed my boundaries, and identified a revenue model!  ​

~VICTORIA MILNER, Singapore Top Food Blogger Singapore Foodie​

Ying Han has helped me in a variety of areas in my life, focusing mostly on managing stress at work and home during my VIP package. I always knew I was stressed but I didn't understand exactly the sources of my stress.


Identifying those root was just step one, now we're working on active plans to reduce them while advancing. One technique was particularly creative to help me compartmentalize the clutter of old fears and worries, freeing up my mind to make better decisions faster.

Uncovered the root of my stress and how to reduce them at work!​

~CHRISTER ERIKKSON, Regional Managing Director, Strategy R/GA​

Ying Han is a talented executive coach who combines NLP techniques and psychology to bring you to your next level of performance and achievement. 

A fantastic ball of energy with an abundance of resources ​

~MO YASIN, Experienced Business Leader, Biotechnology, Emerging Markets​

I initially wanted to work with Ying Han because her energy is infectious. Before we got started, some of my fears (or excited butterflies) were I do not know how effective this program will be and if I will use the techniques we discussed in class.


After I started working with Ying Han, I realized I do have many doubts but sometimes, it may be better to just give it a try before questioning.


Our work together has impacted me/my life/my business by making me pay more attention to happiness. Ying Han is a very fun person to work with. She has a particular attention to connecting values and outcomes.  

One of my favorite parts of working with Ying Han is that she is very energetic. And she asks good questions to push me to think about solutions.​

~LUCY CHEN, Education Experimenter​

Since working with Ying Han, I've revised my business plan, gotten crystal clear on my mission, created 8 clients in two weeks and attracted 7 people to help me with the business in 5 minutes with 1 Facebook post (that I had to take that request down)! ​All of this was inaccessible before.


Yesterday, I had an epiphany... I rekindled my passion for music and business... my core strength... and made my first 12k month! 

We made a strategy together and within 2 weeks have a plan to make $20k-$30k! 

8 clients in 2 weeks!!! Made my first 12k month – and now a plan to make $20k-$30k!​

~ETHAN SEOW, Founder Salon Du Sens // Musician // Co-founder Tribeless​

Ying Han is great, Ying Han is super, Ying Han rocks! I finally got off my butt and asked for help writing my business plan and Ying Han is all like, oh yeah, this is what I do, I totally got you!


Who would think I could actually feel excited about writing a business plan? Somehow Ying Han has made me excited rather than intensely dreading it. ​

Ying Han's confidence in something I am so not confident with when I'm sitting with it all by myself makes me actually excited and exuberant about getting started​

~KATE PAVLACKA, Bodyworker Elite Massage and Craniosacral Therapy​

I dreamed of adding more value to my #Ambitionista audience through a group program. I hired Ying Han to help me get the ball rolling with digital marketing funnels and systems, including first webinar!


Most importantly, I am showing up for my clients and creating miracles in their lives. Ying has a friendly, structured and thorough coaching style that was a perfect match for me.


Highly recommended! 

In just 7 months I have created a successful launch strategy AND signed clients into my program!​

~MIRA JOLEIGH, Life Coach & Business Mentor CPC // Founder​

Ying Han blew my mind! 

An experienced coach recommended for anyone seeking to identify their core passions to create a fulfilling life!​

~ANNALISA PARENT, Publisher, Date with the Muse​

Thank you

I am humbled, honored and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your journey!


Feeling inspired to share your experience?

If one of our conversations - or one of my talks, articles or videos - helped you in some way, somewhere along your journey, I would love to hear about it! 

What would feel supportive for you?

Self Study

Group Program

1-1 VIP Coaching

I wanted to work with Ying Han because I wanted to reach another level in my life and explore what I can be doing, stretch my potential, make better use of my talents and resources, earn better income, make a great impact, and extend my influence. Plus, she has had experience with plant medicines and this is necessary to understand my perspective.


Before we got started, some of my fears were that I am wasting all the opportunities in my life, that I was out of touch with myself, the world and disconnected from who I am and what I am about.


After I started working with Ying Han, I realized more perspectives, more connection with my emotions, courage to act based on intuition. I also realized that I'm doing a lot better than I thought I was.


One of my favorite parts of working with Ying Han is that she sees me and sees what I do in a way no one else does and her Freedom Success Formula group work. She summarizes and makes sense of my rambling to bring my chaotic thoughts into perspective and reaches a higher conclusion that progresses me out of my turmoil.


I am making headway in my path in this life. Our work together allows me to relax and not over think I have hope and dreams where before I had confusion and inferiority complex.


Be prepared to invest heavily in yourself. That includes money, time and experiences. I am now more myself and more confident and assured that I can be myself.

Ying Han sees me and sees what I do in a way no one else does.​


With her inquisitive nature, Ying Han shines through as an experienced coach throughout our concise session. She is attentive and reassuring as our communication of ideas flows seamlessly leading from her thoughtful probing.


I derived clarity on my personal interests and explore options to action upon them with Ying Han’s guidance.


Definitely recommended for anyone seeking to identify their core passions to create the fulfilling life we deserve!

Definitely recommended for anyone seeking to identify their core passions to create the fulfilling life we deserve!

~LIN MINGLI, Director Updog Studio

I’ve never thought about engaging a personal coach before. But when I learned Ying Han was in coaching, I happened to be at a point in life where I wanted to grow exponentially. I’ve had all these ideas for the past few years, but I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. I did hesitate, initially though. Some around me didn’t believe in coaching (it’s just paying someone to keep you accountable right), and what if it didn’t work? I would have wasted my hard earned money. I did really want things to change though, so I took the leap.


Three of the goals I set out achieve when I started coaching, was a) start financial literacy and education website, b) reach out to more clients through greater awareness and c) better time management in general. There wasn’t anything too big or too ridiculous. 


Ying Han worked with me to help me unearth my why, and also a very specific action plan. Its tempting to put things off for later, or after the session, but Ying Han made sure things were done there and then. Coaching was my reset button. With our weekly check ins, I made sure I had items in my action plan ticked off. And I could also share whatever obstacles and challenges I was facing.


There was never a wrong answer either, but Ying Han was great at reading my body language. While digging deeper could be uncomfortable at times (the truth hurts right), she ensured I wasn’t overwhelmed, and crafted a safe, comfort zone for me. It was, instead, empowering.


I did do my research on the other coaches out there, but none of them resonated with me as well as Ying Han. It’s all about finding the right fit, the right champion to push you towards your goals, and who gets you. Ying Han was mine.

It's all about finding the right fit, the right champion to push you towards your goals, and who gets you. Ying Han was mine.​

~CASSANDRA LEONG, Financial Consultant Advisors' Clique // Executive Financial Consultant Great Eastern Financial Advisors​

I just got my Pilates certification done and am very very happy. I still remember Ying Han asked me the question of whether it's easier to find a mentor or become that ideal mentor myself.


I think I'm going to the right direction, will be hard in the beginning but no matter what it will be a great lifetime experience. Thank you again!

Very happy I'm in the right direction!

~SELENE CHANG,  Stott Pilates Instructor STOTT Pilates​


Before we got started, I wasn't sure how to articulate my thoughts effectively. 


After I started working with Ying Han, I feel more confident with communicating my thoughts verbally even in larger crowds.


One of my favorite parts of working with Ying Han is that I understood my self better and embraced the side of myself that I used to find more negative.  I'm more confident and improved my expression of thoughts to others.


Ying Han is a very good instigator and is very helpful in helping individuals understand themselves and identify some goals in life. 

~H K, Housewife

I initially wanted to work with Ying Han because I was lost and confused. I knew I wanted more than a 9-5. I knew I wanted something that lit me up, fired up the passion and drive I knew I had inside. The options in front of me looked bleak. I didn't know how to get to the vision my heart had. I didn't know how to move forward. I just felt trapped and stuck in a prison of my fears and resistance. I wanted to protect, defend the passion and drive I had inside; I felt stifled and scared that they were going to get crushed by the cooperate agenda.


I decided to work with Ying Han because I really wanted my reality to be different.

Ying was offering new hope, options, ideas and perspective. I had a sense of how I wanted to feel, live my life and career. Working with Ying meant that I gave that dream an opportunity to come to life. Alternatively, the dream would only exist in my mind as an out of reach future.


My biggest fear in my session was what would other people think of me. Particularly what would my father say. I was afraid of the risk of failure. I was afraid he would see me as a lost cause if I took a chance at this and failed. Someone who was incapable of taking care of themselves, financially supporting themselves and moving forward in life.


After I started working with Ying Han, I realized there was a lot of fear, intense emotions and pressure holding me down. I realized my father was really supportive. He understands how businesses work, he knows how to get off the ground the first time. I learned through simply taking action, a lot of my fears and heavy emotions were debunked. I received the gifts of taking action. It was possible, the dream career I wanted was possible. I realized I was going to be immensely challenged. It would be arduous, it would be long but I was the captain of this ship.


One of my favorite parts of working with Ying Han is our connection. I feel like she's my manager. I feel an immense amount of support and nurturance. We laugh, we play.


The greatest gift of this process was that I could bring my whole self to the process. My career no longer had to be a compartmentalized part of my life. I could bring all of me to the table and align my career with my who I was. My favourite part is that Ying brings different modalities into our work. She invites spirituality, emotion, my values and desires into the arena of work.


Despite having a busy life and schedule, Ying Han helped me prioritize myself, my dreams and my goals by helping me get clear on what I wanted with incremental targets and accountability.


The hardest part about going for my goals was me. My fears, assumptions and my wounds hold me back from living my greatest life. I guess for me, it's fear. Perseverance and insecurity, getting back up after something doesn't work. Finding the optimism, realizing that because this one idea didn't work that doesn't make me a failure. I am fully capable. There are lots of ideas, some are going to work and some aren't. I am going to gain new skills and experience through the journey regardless. The hardest part for me is staying optimistic and having faith in my vision when things look bleak. Encouraging myself, getting back up and trying again.


Our work together has impacted me on all levels I would say. It's not only impacted my career. It's impacted my growth as a person. It's very clearly aligned up my life. I realized that I was creating a life and career was only one small part that fit into it. With that perspective, I realigned my values and who I was whilst to guide the trajectory of my business.


If a friend or colleague asked me to describe my experience working with Ying Han, I'd say...

Very special. Intimate, supportive, loving. Difficult at times, hahaha, like any relationship. I have told them that I wouldn't have made the progress I have towards my career goals without Ying.


It's been very special and she's become a good friend. I really enjoy and appreciate the work we do together. We helps me move forward, stay committed to my desires and expand as a human being. My relationship with her feels in alignment; it's been more than 8 months. It's taken me beyond my goals, what I could foresee and I want to keep working with her.


Thanks to the coaching support I've received, I can see myself clearly moving towards creating my first business. I see myself more clearly moving towards a routine and lifestyle that I love. I see myself moving towards a life I want to live.'s been more than 8 months; It's taken me beyond my goals. (Created first business, ran first workshops, did first talks)

MEHEK GIDWANI, CEO of Freedom Creations, addiction recovery private coaching and workshops

I wanted to get more clarity on how to use my strengths and personality to the fullest potential in my online business. I knew I had to become more confident in my capabilities and develop my skills to be a leader and inspire my team and customers.


I decided to work with Ying Han because I wanted to grow as a business owner and get support from someone who knows what it's like to start from scratch and have so many questions.


Before we got started, I was afraid that it would be hard to look inside, discover what's holding me back and change certain things about my personality and mindset.


After I started working with Ying Han, I realized I had started this at the right time, when I needed the motivation, confidence and clarity to tackle important decisions in my business and life. And that everything can be done in steps if you have clarity and support.


One of my favorite parts of working with Ying Han is the hands-on approach, positivity and ending each session with clarity and motivation to go on, reducing my stress levels and getting more passionate about what I'm doing.


I've grown in so many ways that helps me, my family, team and customers, because I feel I've changed a lot in a short period of time, for the better.


Coaching with Ying Han is inspiring.


Thanks to the coaching support I've received, I'm getting closer to the freedom and success I want for myself and the inspiration I want to give to people I work with and the customers I serve.


I've grown in so many ways that helps me, my family, team and customers, in a short period of time.

(Completed first launch with 1200+ new clients)

~KENNY KOLIJN, Founder, Hypesprout

I met Ying Han at a women's meditation workshop and I loved her positive energy. I also found her own book-writing experience inspiring and felt I had a lot to learn from someone who could combine coaching experience with concrete (and successful) experience in the whole book writing process.


I knew I needed that extra kick to power up my creative writing. I have been feeling for a long time like I have a book in me, and yet the ideas weren't quite coming together (and nor was the writing). I knew I needed the input of an objective and supportive third party to draw that out of me, and to help me set the foundations for good writing habits.


Before we got started, some of my fears were that I didn't have a compelling story in me; that no-one would want to read what I wrote; and that even if they did read what I wrote, they wouldn't like it!


After I started working with Ying Han, I realized that I do have a compelling story in me, and now it's bubbling up and the juices are flowing! As for whether anyone will want to read it and whether they'll criticise it... those are ongoing battles that I'll have to keep facing at various stages in this process, but at least I now have some tools for dealing with those fears.


One of my favorite parts of working with Ying Han is her positive, upbeat energy. It's inspiring.


We helped me identify times for writing that are non-negotiable, despite the competing claims of children and work, and to understand that these are MY times. And also by helping me clarify why I want to write and what I want to write about. She also showed me how to be more accepting of myself if I can't manage to sit down and write one day, rather than beating myself up over missing a session.


The hardest part about going for my goals was making the time for writing, and getting past my negativity around my ability to write and to write a compelling story. What changed was... my attitude.


Our work together has impacted my goals by getting me inspired.


My experience working together was a happy, positive, inspiring, motivating experience. One that has given me practical tools for moving forward with writing my book.


Thanks to the coaching support I'm moving clearly towards completing a compelling novel.

I do have a compelling story in me, and now it's bubbling up and the juices are flowing!

~BT, Business Owner, Upcoming Author

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