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Funding your YOLO Lifestyle with your YOLO Business


Location: Salon du Sens

Time: 6 August 2016 11:00 - 1:00 pm


This workshop is for you if you have BIG dreams... (and you may not know exactly what they are) and have the desire and drive to turn your IDEAL Lifestyles into Reality - From an emotional, mental, and practical standpoint!


What we'll do together in designing YOUR YOLO Lifestyle:


  • Begin discovering YOUR Ideal lifestyle, without fear of dreaming "too big", it's impossible, and other nay-sayers in your head, surroundings or wherever! 


  • Find out the number 1 HINDERANCE to "Finding your Passion", and the journey in which people successfully find it!


YOLO KPI: Get the EXACT secret to how I Got to travel 9 out of 12 months last year, while running my business!




RSVP and get in with the amazing group of people!


How many more reasons do you want so you can enjoy 2 hours getting energized with your unique magic + more clarity in your IDEAL life?


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Thanks for dreaming big,

Ying Han

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