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Clarity, Focus and Inspired Momentum 

Worksheet + Video examples so you can START TODAY.

No matter where you are in your business or career, these 8 TRANSFORMATIONAL questions will strike through the clutter and STRAIGHT to the heart.


Dive in to:


  • Gain crystal clarity on what it is that you want RIGHT NOW (vs. last season)

  • BANISH hidden obstacles that are slowing you DOWN

  • GET CONNECTED to your big WHY - and let natural momentum INSPIRE you

  • FIND hidden opportunities that WILL support you

  • MOVE forward - powerfully, aligned, and with a ton of FUN! 


Welcome GIFT

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How We Work


Ying Han works with high achievers who are committed to growth and change. We use the same core beliefs to coach individuals and large groups. 


We run these programs:

  • Corporate programs: Innovation Culture

  • Freedom Success Formula: Funding your ideal lifestyle with your ideal business

  • Passion to Action

  • MUSE: Make the Unttainable Seem Easy


You can engage Ying Han in group masterminds or 1-1 VIP service. She is also available for a limited number of innovation consulting, corporate training, and speaking events.


Contact to take the next step!





Who We Are


We are instigators of change. Our personalized programs help to connect people and teams to their unique paths to success. 


Our principal coach Ying Han has coached clients from 5 continents, trained more than 150 entrepreneurs, consulted for corporate innovation teams, and given talks including at Forum of the Future. 


Why do we do what we do? We care.


We care about your dreams and we care about happiness, joy, and that sustained sense of meaning. In a corporate setting, this means creating an innovative culture where people love coming to work and are inspired to implement new ideas.


We help you find that inner desire - ensuring no stone is left unturned. With that focused mindset, together we create a step by step action plan to support your transformation.





Welcome to Y-Age - a community where we make the unattainable seem easy. 


You're reading this because you're committed to see how you can break the barriers of your ultimate 'unttainable vision' in life and business. 



Law of Attraction Workshop

About Us

What We Believe in


We believe that growing is something that should be fun. Y-Age helps you connect with the wholeness you already have inside and facilitates you to reach the next level.


We believe that to truly achieve something that's sustainable, it has to come from within, authentically, laced with powerful intrinsic motivation. 


It's not just about do, do, do, do, do. Although ACTION is a huge part of what you need. We focus also on the BEING.


"Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible.

And by visualizing the impossible, 

they begin to see it as possible." 

—Cherie Carter-Scott

It's my incredible honor to work with clients all over the world...




Cassandra Leong, Financial Advisor       





I would recommend to anyone who wants to take their professional life to the next level or has a desire to increase the happiness in their personal life. 



                   Jackie Oliver, Oliver Consulting Group 



Ying Han is a high-energy resource who masterfully combines her wisdom, compassion, and tenacity with proven skills and techniques to ensure you meet your goals. 



                   Christer Eriksson,  Advertising Strategy Director



Thank you so much for your input that has helped me get to where I am.



I have clarified the key pillars in my life, separating out work from other priorities.​ 

Sessions allowed me to focus on developing a business model for my blog.


           Victoria Milner,   Singapore Top Food Blogger



Coaching was my reset button.


With our weekly check ins, I made sure I had items in my action plan ticked off. And I could also share whatever obstacles and challenges I was facing. While digging deeper could be uncomfortable at times (the truth hurts right), she ensured I wasn’t overwhelmed, and crafted a safe, comfort zone for me. It was, instead, empowering.




Riikka L., Fortune 100 Finance Executive





After the first session already I had so many new ideas how my dream job should be like. I’d highly recommend to have a chat with Ying Han!

Ying Han's helped me in a variety of areas in my life, focusing mostly on managing stress at work and home.


I always knew I was stressed but I didn't understand exactly the sources of my stress. Identifying those root was just step one!


I participated on Ying Han’s coaching session when I was a bit lost about what I would like to do with my life career-wise and in general. We did very good exercises that helped me to visualize my goals.

Get instant access to the 8 questions MUST answer to get closer to YOUR YOLO Life and Business NOW



With the 8 Transformational Questions, you can...


  • INCREASE the possibilities of manifesting your TRUTH

  • UNLOCK the hidden stones that are weighing your YOLO life down

  • You set your goal and you are the one taking necessary steps to achieve it.

  • ENGAGE all of your current powers to get you closer to where you want to BE

  • INCREASE your attraction for clients, opportunities, gifts + abundance

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We'll challenge you to dream bolder, identify and clear blocks while becoming your ultimate self.
Making the Unattainable Seem Easy
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