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Passion to Action


Y-Age's Passion to Action series holistically supports people who are contemplating changes to create a more fulfilling life. Your customized 12 session program delves into the questions and explorations of:

  • Clear Vision: What do I really really want? What is the dream behind the dream? 

  • Perspective (Mindset and Brain Science): What is holding me back? How do I get past what's holding me back? 

  • Zone of Genius: Where is the intersection of my mission, interests, contributions, and strengths? What do I need to uplevel?

  • Optimization: Who are the people and activities in your life that give you energy vs. take energy away from optimal growth?

  • Action: How do take inspired action to create my ideal lifestyle and business while having fun and maintaining balance? 


Throughout this 12 session program you'll identify and pursue what's truly important to you and find out what you stand for. You will work with your coach using proven systems to optimally manage your thoughts, behaviors, actions, and ultimately the outcomes in your life and work. 


Would you or someone you know benefit from this?


Find out more on the 1-1 program or group coaching program.


Step One:

Finding Yourself

(Session 1 - 4)


To move forward, you first need to know where you are, and where you want to be

In week 1-2, we will identify a specific area in which you want to improve and give deliberate attention to in the next 12 sessions. Then, we will set strong foundations for your upcoming transformation by introducing the power of mindsets and language when you engage your dream.


In week 3-4, we will look at who you are, by examining what your intrinsic values are, what you already have, and what fulfills you. Integrating this with our findings from the previous session, we create a goal that completely aligns with who you are and what you want to create.

Step Two: 

Ready, Set, Go

(Session 5-8)

Having solidified your goals, you are almost ready to get the engines running.

In week 5-6, we will be making sure you will be unleashing nothing less than your full potential by identifying and clearing limiting beliefs that will hold you back. To do so, we will be digging deep into those thoughts, analyzing their roots, and repurposing them constructively into your life.


In the week 7-8, we will focus on identifying, creating, and storing powerful motivations to continuously fuel yourself forward into your goals, as well as bring that energy to the people around you.

Step Three: 

Keeping The Momentum

(Session 9-12)

Now that you're on the go, what else would you need to make sure you keep running?


Week 9-10 will be on identifying and embracing opportunities and possibilities around you. We will teach you how to proceed forward with confidence, as you learn from the struggles of others and how they overcame it. You will also gain valuable mental and language tools that you can utilize to propel towards your goals.


Week 11-12 is the grand finale - putting together what you have accomplished, understanding what is next, and formulating a plan for you to continue building your dream future.

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