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To Professionals:

  • You are good at what you do. In fact, people look up to you. But now you're bored. Things don't sound as exciting as when you first began. Challenges seem annoying. You want a change but you don't know what. You would like direction, a sign, to direct your energy towards. This aligns with your need to grow and be fulfilled too? Great. 


  • Are you part of the 89% of the workforce are dispassionate about their work, and ask yourself "is this REALLY what I want to do?"


  • Or, are you already successful, content, and coasting at what you do, and simply have room to desire more and want more out of life? You’re ready to challenge yourself to get that extraordinary and ideal life that you have always wanted. You want challenge. You are ready for Change. 


To the Mothers:

  • You know you're meant for more. It's been a while. And you'd like to get in gear and have some support in designing your purpose and future, in addition to and also outside of your children. 


To Students: 

You are in school or just graduated and you want to have a clearer direction on this next stage of life. If you can do what you love and make it into something even bigger - that's awesome. You know you're meant for more and you're not quite sure how to integrate into your life without compromising. 



What are you truly meant to do? How do you do it wth zest? How do you fit this in your life? 


Imagine waking up every morning clear and purposeful, feeling excited about what you will do for the rest of the day. You feel comfortable knowing that the work that you do fits in your larger plan, and every step you take takes you closer to ultimate fulfillment.


Dear Curious Minds,


You know you want more.


You know that something needs to change, and you want happiness enough and are willing to put in your best to make that happen.


That’s why you’re here.


You have a lot to offer to the world, and you’re determined to learn how to make that happen. You’ve tried time to time to make that happen, but somehow you just find yourself back in the same situation.


You find where you are today is the same as where you are six months ago, and you think, “How do I change my situation, internally or externally? How do I make it work for me in a way that is comfortable for me?”


Fortunately, today you are in the right place.


The unique point about this program is not only about personality tests and assessments. This program is about YOU, and about who YOU are as an individual - Your wants, your fears, your values - which no statistical-based test can tell you about.


What we do is reach deep down inside of you, past layers and layers to grab that intrinsic desire that drives you and energizes you.


We will let it unfold out through each level of your life, and manifest in front of you and beyond.


So we create that dream together, that dream that really speaks to you, in a way where you are connecting with the inner voice and inner dreamer inside of you, who is not bound by societal values and opinions and obligations and responsibilities. Because we know that when you truly connect to that part of yourself, you can still be responsible and practical, and what you get out of it and find to make that real is so much more powerful and so much more meaningful.


It will be something that makes you proud.


So it’s really all about you, and what you want.

And together, we’ll find that out.


So let’s get started.



First, understand that you are not alone in feeling this way.


This is a fact.


  • According to this Deloitte 2015 Survey, only 28 percent of the 7800 participants across 29 nations feel their current organization is making full use of their skills. 6 out of 10 people want to work for organizations with purpose – so what is your purpose?


  • Why do some people continue working even after they've reached a level of upmost financial freedom? Passion.

 “People with passion can change the world for the better”. Steve Jobs on how his passion and purpose for his work made all the difference.



Warren Buffet said “know what success really means.” What brings true meaning in your life? How do we give that deep purpose focus? 



“I think it’s important if you’re going to take on any big challenge, that you just love and really have faith in what you’re doing. That I think is the most important advice I would say", Mark Zuckerberg. What's that big challenge that YOU love and want to take on? 


We define sustainable fulfillment as achieving something you truly desire and enjoy, some call it Passion, others call it Purpose. Otherwise, even the utmost financial success is not truly a success at all.


  • According Deloitte, from 2013, passion in the workplace remains low; only 11 percent of the workforce is passionate about their work. At the same time, worker passion was also found to be one of the major factors that lead to accelerated learning and performance improvement.


Having the passion in your career means you are so much more energized and motivated to “work”, even overtime – because you don’t feel like its work. By being so driven, you are much more likely to stand out and excel in what you do.


It is Possible to Have Clarity, What Aligns with Who You Are.


We bring to you the most cutting edge technologies from Neuroscience and Modern Psychology to get you there:

  • Conceptually

  • Emotionally

  • Physically


Creating the dream job is not a myth, it is a possibility to anyone who is willing to open their eyes. Problem is, most people don’t know what to do.


Before I go on, let me introduce myself.





I'm Ying Han Cheng, Personal Success Consultant, and I love change. I don't necessarily feel comfortable in the midst of it but I enjoy the learning that I get out of it.


For the last decade I have studied how people make things happen, and in the last few years, I have taken many major actions myself. 


I was born and raisd all over the world, spanning multiple continents and countries including Germany and US. I am part Taiwanese, Singaporean and I have Indonesian blood in me. I most recently was in Digital Advertising in a top Advertising firm and I am doing what I am passionate about.


I inspire people to be the best versions of themselves.


My clients spread across the globe from US, to Spain, Hungary, Greater China, South East Asia and South America. We work on topics that change their lives. 




What if you could combine your skills and passions to lead the job of your dreams, while earning income?


Here is what I want you to do first.


Go ahead and think about your ideal life, when you are already doing what it is where you are meant to do. You don’t have to know this yet, but you know what it feels like, don’t you?


How does it feel?


What do you see?


What are the people around you saying? What are you telling yourself?


Just continue imagining that.


Now, take a step forward, and put yourself into that place. What else are you noticing? Do you feel the freedom and strength to be doing what YOU want to do? Can you see the possibilities and conviction of how you are creating value in the world? Can you hear the people around you telling you how much they appreciate you as a partner and contributor?


This is all possible for you.


It’s not that I have some bizarre distortion of reality. I truly do believe in it, because I am living it – right now. And I want to help you do it too.




The Five Limiting Beliefs that Hold You Back From Even

Thinking About Passions and Career:


  1. I don’t have a passion

  2. I cannot make consistent money with my passion/ No one can make money and be happy doing what makes them happy. I need to give up my current job to pursue my passion.

  3. What if I fail? I don’t want to disappoint myself and the people around me that I am failing at something I am so passionate about.

  4. I’m not strong or cut out enough to persist in pursuing my passion. The roadblocks and obstacles of this path overwhelm me. I are anxious and worried about the troubles that I foresee, but moreso about the ones that I cannot. I doubt your ability to handle such future situations.

  5. There’s no job that fits my passion


Now here’s the good news.


You don’t have to forcefully deal with any of these limiting beliefs. These beliefs are rooted into what makes you a good candidate for change in the first place.


All you need to do is to experience a mind shift, to free you up from the beliefs holding you back. From there, you will be able to open up your potential, turning your ideal job into life.



The Five Positive Qualities of People that Hold Them Back The Most Without Them Realizing It

(Turning Limiting Beliefs into Positive Qualities)


  1. Not having a passion ----> You are not blocked or limited by options, and have more to explore. You might have a lot of interest and don't know what you’re passionate about. Great! Now you have a chance to narrow them down, explore more choices, as well as potentially cultivate more passions. 

  2. Not enough money ----> You do want to make money in doing what you love to do, and when there is a will, there is a way. This is your motivation to be more creative, and create innovative ways so you can turn what you like to do into a business. This might mean entrepreneurship, or joining other people’s business that you can connect with

    Or you might simply not have the confidence to ask for the amount of money equivalent to the value you’re bringing to the table. Confidence is something that you can work upon and build, so that you are able to ask for the right price that is matched with your high value


  3. What if I fail? ----> People who are afraid of failure typically have a big enough challenge and dreams they want to go for. The more afraid you are, the more potential it is for what you truly want. After this course, you will be adopting a different perspective, that there is only potential for growth, and that there is no failure, only feedback. Just think, what if you succeed?

  4. Not strong enough ----> That is the combination of all your limiting beliefs holding you back. With the same approach as the above point, as long as you're able to learn from your mistakes and move forward, there is no reason to doubt that your strength and capabilities. You can transform your mindset so that you can achieve (and even stretch) your full capabilities.

  5. No job that fits my passion ---> If there really really really isn’t anything that fits you, that means that you must have an incredibly unique passion! Think about how you (and only you) can serve people in this area? You’re likely to be the only person who is serving in this area, which gives you the exlusivity and potential revenue to capture the whole market.



Why should you trust me to guide you to create, form, and solidify your ideal career life?


I've done it and I've helped people get there. I went from confused to certainty when I spent most of my college life majoring in Environment, Economics, and Politics while being the Resident Technology Assistant and trying a lot of other things out under the Californian sun, only to find out that I had no clue what I wanted to really spend my life doing. After many analyses I settled on Digital Marketing and worked in that all over California.


I went from certainty to awesomeness, getting jobs at my top company choices doing the things I wanted to do, at the compensation rate I wanted to get.


And then I wanted more; but I was also held back. By self esteem, confidence, belief, and above all, FEAR. 


Fear of failure or making mistakes

Fear of success

Fear of social judgement

Fear of missing out (what if I go do something and that is a mistep, will I be able to climb back on the ladder?)

Fear of lifestyle downgrade

Fear of achievement 

Fear of mediocracy

.... and the list goes on



Do you see how some of these are conflicting and how some of them are good but also potentially debilitating?


I was determined to find a way to ecologically address them and transform them into strengths (some already are) to fuel me forward. 


It took me years and years, and it was not easy. I struggled, I fell, I ignored, I denied. I pretended it didn't exist. I slept through appointments specifically carved out to think about my future. I revisited it, and got scaled back. I felt trapped. So trapped and weird that I knew I needed an answer.


As with any journey, take the FIRST STEP.


So I went searching.




Stop Stressing. Believe. Start Doing.


Most people deep down already know what they want to do but they don't do it. You probably know what you want to do but you don't. Why? Are you not clear enough? Is it the people around you who talk you out of it? Are you not allowing yourself to calculate your next steps?


Despite knowing that you are unhappy, you are surrounded by thoughts that sound like these:


  • “You have an awesome job, people would kill for it, why are you complaining?”

  • “Get experience, climb up the ladder. Work hard, earn money, be happy. This thing about chasing your passions doing what you love? That does not work."

  • “You should be content and grateful for what you have and where you stand. Work is work, and play is play. Your passion is “play”.”


And for a while you believed them. Because it's easy. But something inside of you says, "No". And that's why you're here.


We have so many reasons and stories that we tell ourselves that ultimately lead to indecision.


Let me ask you this: 6 months from now, WHERE do you see yourself?



Do you want to be in the same spot? Or do you want to GROW?



Now, I need you to throw all of that out of your mind and get ready for a mind shift to change the way you view and approach your situation.


Here it is…



Maybe it’s time you got coached by a coach.



Someone who is not a hater but a believer. Someone who draws that believer inside of you out and strengthens it to have a chance of SHOWING UP in the presence of self doubt and mediocracy. Someone who can spot it when you're not doing yourself justice of being there, for yourself. 


You don’t need to struggle on your own to find your way and pave your path, although you could. 


You don't need to be satisfied or content with your status quo. 


Heck, you don't even really need a coach.


What a coach can do, and what the community can do, is to support you. At an accelerated rate. 


We shine a spotlight on your limiting beliefs.


We are not here to be liked by you, we are here to serve you. We will tell you what we feel you need to hear to give you more choice. We'll help you understand how to overcome your blindspots, and guide you to a place of abundance.


Today, I invite you to learn the secrets I’ve learned about building a successful, prosperous path that combines your passions with your skills set, giving you the satisfaction and fulfillment that you’ve always dreamed of.


I invite you to stop being mediocre and indecisive. I challenge you to join me and others in a powerful group of self-empowered individuals, to take the next steps in achieving higher levels of personal success.

Where could I possibly find answers to all of my questions and antidotes to my fears, you ask.


I wondered too.


Is it in Quantum Physics? My pre-med self guided me to science.

Is it Mindfulness? 

Is it in Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Acupuncture and that whole works?


So what did I do?

In 2010, I wrote down all my wants and needs in my bucket list. I put everything on there that I wanted to do. And surprisingly the more I wanted to do them, the scarier they were.




Go to Africa - One line says. I've never been there, I did not have the funds, I don't know anything about it. Other than my favourite p-square is from Nigeria.


Get outside your comfort zone. A voice inside me challenged.


So in my Google Docs, I made a list of seemingly impossible things to me at that time. It ranged from career goals, personal goals, relationship goals, health and fitness goals, to spirtual desires.


After I made that list, I went ahead and made that happen. 


And I made time. I faced fear. I challenged myself - Travelled, for the first time ever alone, to 5 countries in Africa, in a way I've never ever done or even thought of doing before: Camping. Knowing no one. Completely Solo.


And then I did it again, in East Africa. In South America. In the Amazon. In Huaraz. In Portugal, Spain, Netherlands. I searched for answers, I coached with coaches there, I met spirtual healers and leaders and learnt from them.



I challenged myself physically - from No Exercise to waking up every morning at 6am to go to 7am Gym Classes, for a Year. (There was a build up).


I told people whom I fell in love with, that I love them, first. Risking rejection, totally vulnerable. I communicated, opened my heart. And kept it open. I got hurt. I got up. And did it all over again. 


I checked off one item after another off my bucket list, the bigger the dream, the scarier it was to achieve them - it got to a point where the next big fear was to give up corporate life to be an entrepreneur. Simply because I wanted to stay true to my dreams of being one. What a leap.


And the most beautiful thing happened, after I made the decision to face these fears - I felt free. 


You may have faced your fears too, and know where I'm coming from. You may not have, and I'd love to have a chance to support you.


Like Milton Eriksson said "The doorway to understanding is in confusion"; The doorway to confidence is facing fears. No matter how little or big they are.


I bring to you all my knowledge, all the knowledge I've been lucky enough to have received from my mentors, my openness and knowingness that you are worth it, if you want to be. 


I bring to you my belief in you, in your joruney.


Today, I’m opening the door to this community of empowered individuals with abundance of  learnings for you. 


Are you ready?


Immerse yourself in an elite group learning environment at Y-Age – a group of successful, driven individuals looking for MORE.


I am honored to have partnered with The Change School and their incredible team at to bring you Passion to Action. 


Passion to Action is designed to create breakthroughs. This is designed to address issues and questions around what your passion is, and set you up to take ACTION at the optimal state. 


How will the group learning in Passion to Action group work for you?


Improve & Grow

Show up ready to improve yourself and push yourself for personal and professional growth by learning and experimenting.


Hide Nothing

When you share your vulnerabilities, you will learn how to protect them. You will gain the maximum value from this group when you are willing to share both the lows and highs.


Action Over Perfection

Don’t try to create the ‘perfect’ post. Jump right in. Don’t over think what you write. This is the place to mess up, but they’re not mistakes because it is here that you get to learn.


Give vs. Get

You will get most value when you show up and really serve others in the group. Don’t hold back, your insights, fears, and questions are valuable. I promise you won’t be alone.


Experiment and Play

Put everything you learn here into practice. Test. Test. Test. Do more of what works, and let go of the rest. This is your sandbox for imperfect action.



Sharing key insights with others is fine, but we commit to never share specific details of discussions in this group.


Be You

Be vulnerable, hide nothing.


In Y-Age, you’ll have a safe and confidential space for powerful conversations about dreaming and living your passions.


"There's a sense of relief after each session, sometimes just for knowing myself a little better, and other times for making real progress towards a better mindset and approach to life."


- Christer E, Strategy Director, RGA


Click the 'Sign Up Now' button to invest in yourself. 


Step One: Finding Yourself

You will identify a specific area in which you want to improve and give deliberate attention to. Then, you will set strong foundations for your upcoming transformation through the power of mindsets and language when you engage your dream. You will also find out who you are by examining your intrinsic values and what fulfills you. You will create a goal that completely aligns with who you are and what you want to create.


Step Two: Ready, Set, Go

You will be unleashing nothing less than your full potential by identifying and clearing limiting beliefs that will hold you back. To do so, you will explore deep into those thoughts, analyzing their roots, and repurposing them constructively into your life. You will also focus on identifying, creating, and storing powerful motivations to continuously fuel yourself forward into your goals, as well as bring that energy to the people around you.


Step Three: Keeping The Momentum

You will be on identifying and embracing opportunities and possibilities around you. You will know how to proceed forward with confidence, as you learn from the struggles of others and how they overcame it. You will also gain valuable mental and language tools that you can utilize to propel towards your goals. Last but not least, you will put together all you have accomplished, understand what is next, and formulate a plan for you to continue building your dream future.


The three steps will be divided in the following six sessions:

1. Where you are vs. where you want to be? What are strong foundations that will set you up for success?


  • Identify specifically what area in your life you'd like to improve

  • Optimize your circumstances through language and mindset

  • Learn how to ask intelligent questions that draw out what truly matters to you

  • Meet like minded people who share the same drive for personal improvement 

  • Create a powerful goal for the next 12 weeks that you will work towards



Open mind and Courage



2. What truly fulfills you?



  • Identify what currently fulfills you

  • Alter and change what fulfills you based on what's more constructive

  • Create a goal that completely aligns with who you are and what you want to create

  • Action steps to take forward


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1



3. Clearing limiting beliefs and that which holds you back!



  • Identify what are these voices that are holding you back?

  • Understand what their purpose is

  • Integrate it constructively into your life

  • Learn how to reclaim, or claim that power that comes from within to have confidence and alignment when moving forward


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1



4. BOOSTER: How to continue motivation powerfully



  • Identify sources within your experience that are full of energy

  • Embody energy 

  • Learn how to store and fill yourself up with energy when you need to

  • Help others gain that resource


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1



5. Action!



  • Devise an action plan

  • Receive coaching on how to proceed confidently forward

  • Learn from other people's struggle and how they go through it

  • Exercise the power of language, mindset and state management


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1



6. Grand Finale: Design the rest of your plans powerfully


In this session you will:

  • Take everything you've learnt from session 1-6 and do a consolidated review 

  • Set out the plan for the next month (few months) to come

  • Understand what's next


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1-5

This is what our community has to say:

Ying Han's helped me in a variety of areas in my life, focusing mostly on managing stress at work and home during the 10 session package.  I always knew I was stressed but I didn't understand exactly the sources of my stress. Identifying those root was just step one, now we're working on active plans to reduce them while advancing.


One technique was particularly creative to help me compartmentalize the clutter of old fears and worries, freeing up my mind to make better decisions faster.

"There's a sense of relief after each session, sometimes just for knowing myself a little better, and other times for making real progress towards a better mindset and approach to life."


- Christer E, Advertising Executive, RGA









- Beatr, Pharmaceutical Professional

I participated on Ying Han’s coaching session when I was a bit lost about what I would like to do with my life career-wise and in general. We did very good exercises that helped me to visualize my goals. After the first session already I had so many new ideas how my dream job should be like. I’d highly recommend to have a chat with Ying Han!


Osallistuin Ying Hanin pitämään coaching sessioon miettiessäni tulevia työkuviota. Teimme todella hyviä harjoituksia, joiden avulla pystyin paremmin visualisoimaan elämäni tavoitteita. Kannattaa tavata Ying Hanin kanssa, jos kaipaat muutosta elämääsi ja tarvitset uusia ideoita!

"After the first session already I had so many new ideas how my dream job should be like. I'd highly recommend to have a chat with Ying Han!"


- Riikka, Fortune 100 Finance Executive


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What can I expect to achieve through this program?

You will be able to understand yourself better in a way that cuts through all the influences of societal views, opinions, pressure, media, and expectations around you - and boy, can there be so much of that! Most importantly, you will be able to understand what you truly seek. Once you know what it is you want, you will be able to acknowledge and protect it from all the distractions such as discouragement, beliefs, fears, and excuses. 


We share with you the consciousness, awareness, and tools to manage this discovery process (like layers and layers of an onion), devise your methodologies to keep goals from distractions, so you can move forward powerfully.

How much time is required for this program? How flexible is scheduling? How much does it cost?

One of the things we want to emphasize on is that it's about how fast and powerful YOU want to go.


Passion to Action Transformation Series: 

This is an in person live 6 week course with a group that will take you from passion to action. It is tailored to provide information through layering - you will get more and more information as the weeks go. It is ideal to attend all of them in sequence. If for some reason you are not able to attend and you have time, you can schedule a 1 or 2 hour 1-1 at regular rates to get personally coached on the material that you have missed. Alternatively, ask a friend/classmate to relay that information to you:) If you already know ahead of time that you are not able to make one of the sessions, you can contact to discuss. 


For 1-1 sessions:

Our recommendation is the introduction 6 week pack, which consists of one session per week for six weeks. This allows you to create a really solid, steady foundation, while creating the momentum as you go along.  To move fully aligned, this is the minimal amount necessary to be able to get into the zone of possibilities. For the weeks after, we also provide support that would help you address issues as they come up subsequently. For added accountability and private support, you may like to consider the 1-1 sessions to get to your goals. 

Am I suited for this program?

This program is for you if you are:

  • Ambitious, value freedom, fun and inspired connections

  • Knew you are capable of more 

  • Have not begun a business, and know that you NEED a change

  • Have started and are running your business but haven't been earning CONSISTENT income


This program is not for you if you are:

  • Looking for a magic bullet and not prepared to take some massive actions for your results 

  • Have not begun a business, and know that you NEED a change

  • Have started and are running your business but haven't been earning CONSISTENT income


People who come are often in transition, either going through a change right now or are looking to change something about their lives. Many of these are highly capable, competent people who are good at what they do, but are seeking that extra edge, to attain the next level of fulfillment and excitement.


There are a myriad of reasons why people are here. They could be:

- Looking to leave their job to get to a place where their work matches their desires,

- Seeking to gain that extra oomph to personalize the same job, and make it work for their passion,

- Coming to feel energized


Regardless of what your reasons are, or what drew you here, you can easily drop a note on our contact page, so that we can have a quick (no-strings-attached) call through the phone, skype, or email about how to get your desired result. If you are already here, something must have brought you here. Explore the possibility of allowing us to support you in areas you wish to work on, including turning your passions into reality, in a time and effective way.

Where do we meet?

For Passion to Action Transformation Series:

Venue for the series beginning July 8 is at The Change School, 1 Keong Saik Road, Near Outram MRT, The Working Capitol. 


For 1-1 Sessions:


We have clients all over the world, and a Google Hangout/Skype session is usually the most practical and convenient choice. However, if you are in Singapore or any of the countries we are at (refer to the calendar on the hope page), then we will can to do a face to face session at a spot. Just let us know what you prefer and we'll do our best to make it work!

What is Passion to Action/Y-Age Not?

This is a good question. We are not providing a therapy session or a psychotherapy session. While sometimes, to move on we need to solve past issues, and we have a lot of processes to guide our clients through, this is a lot more outcome based. While change is challenging and confronting, our clients are willing to explore it and go past. It is most definitely not for people who are not interested in growing or improving their lives. If you have the commitment and desire to be a better version or an ideal version of yourself, we are completely supportive of whatever comes up and will do everything we can to assist you in this journey to the extraordinary!

I am in school / traveling / working, is it best to do the course now or wait?

The flexible and convenient solution of Skype communication allows for you to start creating and designing your ideal life from wherever you are.


The hardest step in any process is to start. People sometimes procrastinate and put things off - we know, we've been there too. You can always wait for someday to begin, but in a week, month, or even year, you will look back and think... where are you? Same place? Why? What happened to getting to where you want to be?


Whoever you are going to become someday, you already are today. You may notice that taking that first step to reach out already opens up an alternate path of possibilities.

I already know my passion, but I can't seem to make it work. Can you help?

Yes, the crucial point here is what is stopping you from making it work? Together, we will help you define what it means to you to make it work, and see what is surrounding you to is holding you back. An example is, originally what stopped a client from jumping in and starting her business was the fear of not being able to survive on the lack of income in the beginning. Another example is, one of our clients had trouble getting out of her job, due to the fear of seeming that she is quitting instead of not giving her best. Part of the Passion to Action series is identifying what is behind that resistance to move on, and acknowledging it will help you move forward. If you have the awareness, you can do something about it.


Another possible scenario is that, maybe that is not what your real passion is. Maybe it requires some additional refinement. For example, you might like playing the piano, but your passion is not a performer - perhaps, it is to compose movie music soundtracks. We help you find out what resonates to you the most, and work from there. Find our more on this in sessions 1 & 2 of the Passion to Action series.

What do you expect from me?

You need to desire to change, be committed, and not be afraid to become more of who you really are. Open-minded, curiosity, and and honesty are the prerequisites to a successful experience.


We know that everyone is has strengths and is capable of being who they want to be. Are you willing to explore the full realm of your possiblities? Whether you notice or not, taking the first step of contacting us is already setting some wheels in motion. 

Do I need to have a huge goal? What if I am not sure what is next?

No; some people show up not having a goal that they're truly excited about, they just know they want something better. For others, even just looking and working through the smallest goals can touch upon a lot of other areas of your life, which in turn can shift the entire situation.


Do you want to be in status quo of your life, or live within a comfortable level of outcomes? If so, this may not be for you!


However, if you want more, and expect more, even a little step forward with the right guidance can set up you for a more open and expansive path. Having a goal is really just a starting point, but since we are looking at a holistic perspective, things will shift regardless of goal or size. Some clients come back after the 6 weeks of Passion to Action to work in another area that they wish to make extraordinary, others come back to work on powerful stretch goals (which are incredibly fun and exciting). 

What is the process of coaching?

We personalize each 1-1 to you. We will be drawing tools, experiences, and processes from a wide variety of sources and modalities. 


The experience, however, is like trying to describe what your favorite fruit tastes like to someone who has never tried it before - quite impossible. All we can say is that it is a very empowering experience. Contact us to try it out to see how it can give you a kick start.






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Click the 'Sign Up Now' button to invest in yourself. 

Email for questions not answered above)

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