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Passion to Action Series 



Welcome to taking your first step in refining your purpose and turning them into actions! We are so excited to share with you the 3-year-in-the-making holistic Passion to Action series.


Through this 12-session track you'll gain clarity on your goals, learn how to focus and manifest them, and create intrinsic drive to pursue results in what's truly important to you. Action takes structure and implementation, and purpose is built upon inner connection and creativity. Here, you'll be working with both.


Who is this for?

This series is particularly useful, empowering and supportive for people who have are in transition periods of their lives, contemplating changing direction or are about to embark on a fulfilling journey - whatever fork you're in, you want this next step to be completely aligned to what fulfills you and what you stand for. You know you're meant for more and capable of more and you just need that clarity, direction, and tools to maximize your journey. 



We know that in order to learn and apply what you know, it takes understanding, synthesis, thought, and experience. We know that a lot of these processes happen on the unconscious level - so we particularly address those. Especially when inspiring change, you need to go through the motions to integrate and maximize learnings. That's why we partnered with The Change School. In line with their three step process (Break Down, Break Through, Move Forward), their experiential GYM is a perfect platform for experiential and peer learning and taking action




Sounds like you? 


Live Classes: These classes will be held every Thursday 7-9PM at The Change School GYM at The Working Capitol (1 Keong Saik Road) starting July 2nd.


Email or text +65 8299 1292 now to sign up or ask questions before spaces run out! 


Online class: Please drop us a note below and we will pop over more info on the online series.


Early bird prices for First 5 Sign Ups. 



Session 1 & 2:
Where you are vs where you want to be? What are strong foundations that will set you up for success?

We look at life holistically here and identify one area in which you want to give deliberate attention to in the next 6 sessions.


After identifying what area you truly want to work on, and that will change your life the most, we will look at what this area means to you.


This session sets a strong foundation for your 6 week transformation by introducing the power of mindsets and language when you engage with your dream/ goal.


Knowing where you want to go is paramount to getting there.


Does your goal excite you?


Is this what you truly want?


We will begin to find out in this session. 


In this session you will:

  • Identify specifically what area in your life you'd like to improve

  • Optimize your circumstances through language and mindset

  • Learn how to ask intelligent questions that draw out what truly matters to you

  • Meet like minded people who share the same drive for personal improvement 

  • Create a powerful goal for the next 5 weeks that you will work towards



Open mind and Courage

Session 3 & 4:
What truly fulfills you? 

What we think fulfills us may not be reflected in our actions. For example, sometimes we say we value family and friends but our actions show that we are chasing more of Money and Career.

Who we want to be is different from who we are.


Our unconscious often times is the decider of how we act.


What are your intrinsic values?


What is the order of it in your body?


What are your actions showing?


How do you alter it and change it based on what you want it to be? 


This session builds your dream/goal stronger by incorporating other elements from the previous session in. 


In this session you will:

  • Identify what currently fulfills you

  • Alter and change what fulfills you based on what's more constructive

  • Create a goal that completely aligns with who you are and what you want to create

  • Action steps to take forward


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1

Session 5 & 6:
Clearing limiting beliefs and that which holds you back!

What may you not be doing that will help you move forward powerfully? What's holding you back from truly getting in touch with what you REALLY want?

Did you set awesome goals but when it came to execute you just did not take action? 


Sometimes things that hold us back or show up as excuses or worries don't have to be there! They may be opinions that are someone else's or society's that affected you.


Most of the time it comes from within, a little part of ourselves says we can't do it, why bother? It says: It's unrealistic.


In this session you will:

  • Identify what are these voices that are holding you back?

  • Understand what their purpose is

  • Integrate it constructively into your life

  • Learn how to reclaim, or claim that power that comes from within to have confidence and alignment when moving forward






Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1

Session 7 & 8:
BOOSTER: How to continue motivation powerfully

When you're going for what you want, the honey moon stage is the best. You get geared up and ready to fire. After a while, limiting beliefs get in the way. While we learnt how to get rid of them in the last session, let's set up another booster to fuel you forward.


Learn how motivation can be optimized and things can get done in a better mode and faster!


In this session you will:

  • Identify sources within your experience that are full of energy

  • Embody energy 

  • Learn how to store and fill yourself up with energy when you need to

  • Help others gain that resource


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1

Session 9 & 10:
Acting on what you attract

When we know what we want, get through what holds us back, and propel forwards, sometimes we still get stuck. Why am I not moving fast enough? 


This session will also focus on the art of allowing, and understanding how to embrace opportunities and possibilities. Because, they are already all around you, whether you notice or not.


In this session you will:

  • Receive group coaching on how to proceed confidently forward

  • Learn from other people's struggle and how they go through it

  • Exercise the power of language, mindset and state management


Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1 - 8

Session 10 & 11:
Grand Finale: Design the rest of your plans powerfully

Putting it all together, you've gone through 6 sessions of planning out an area of your life that you'd like to live.


How have you done?


How do you move forward from here?


In this session you will:

  • Take everything you've learnt from session 1-6 and do a consolidated review 

  • Set out the plan for the next month (few months) to come

  • Understand what's next





Pre requisite: Passion to Action Session 1-10

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