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Inspired Connections

To me, freedom isn’t about just having money and acquiring assets. It’s also about:

  • experiencing life to its fullest

  • having the freedom of emotion

  • being able to discern and manage the amount of joy you can experience in every minute of your life

  • the amount of fun you can have with those you care about

  • expressing yourself freely, who you truly are (without fear of judgment or the fear of rejection)

  • living the life that reflects who you truly are or exploring what that is if you haven’t discovered that yet (Don’t worry. Finding your identity is always an evolving field)

So we’ve talked about freedom and fun (or whatever emotion you want to have while you experience life). Let’s talk about inspired connections! Inspired connections is the quality of how you relate to yourself and those around you. It’s the amount of presence you bring into every situation. What I’ve realized is that when you treat every interaction (of course starting with yourself) with a certain level of appreciation, honesty, and heart, you end up seeing the magnificence within each of these interactions. This creates more possibilities and flow. More specifically, this means the connections you make are real and authentic. And that’s all we really have, isn’t it? We’re just little beings on earth connecting to one another and to the rest of the world. So the quality in which you connect is incredibly important in shaping your experience here, and when you can increase the amount of inspiration and connection you feel, you’ll not only feel more fulfilled, but you’ll create space for more peace (more on that later throughout the emails). So, my vision is to support everyone in creating their unique You Only Live Once Business and Style in honor of these concepts of freedom, fun, and inspired connections. Throughout the weeks and months ahead, you’ll find out how to tangibly apply and integrate these into your daily life. So excited for you to begin this once in a lifetime experience with me! Welcome to your journey. Want to know why I’m so passionate about this? Look out for the next email to hear my personal journey.

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