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Forum to the Future: 3 Practical Steps to Peak Performance

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But don’t be fooled by her gentle, quiet style. She is a force to be reckoned with.


Her talk was thought-provoking and inspiring! Truly impressive!

Ying Han Cheng is the embodiment of innovative-wisdom!​

~LARUE EPPLER, LaRue Eppler​

Thank you, Ying Han, for having giving us a GREAT WORKSHOP. We definitely learned a lot and benefited.


I particularly enjoyed most in her passion in whatever she shared, and her insights in business challenges.


Ying Han is a LIGHT in social media marketing in my team.​

~HOCKCHONG OH, Global Business Consultant MD Matches Consulting (Ex-SAP)

Great job Ying! Ying Han is absolutely lovely!


She exudes a great energy and spoke very well to her ideal client.


I loved that she created tension and made it very easy for people to say yes. ​

~SHONDA HOLT, Owner Nourishing Everyday​

What a fruitful night from our energetic speaker Ying Han Cheng!


She inspired us to look into our passion, our learning journey to apply to our careers, and create our precious story!  ​

~WENDY TSANG, Graphic Designer​

I loved that Ying Han's presentation contained client stories, passion, results, and fun on the stage.


I was impressed by her knowledge on the subject and the results she's produced. ​

~VIKTORIA TEI-NIKOGHOSYAN, Consultant Live in Harmony with Viktoria Ter-Nikoghosyan​

I loved the whole thing!


Particularly Ying Han's energy, insightfulness, and aliveness. Her presentation was congruent - I could feel the integrity in her core message.​


Ying Han is one of the best speakers in Singapore ​

~ANDY NG, Chief Trainer Coach Asia Coaching Training

During her talk, she was absolutely her sweet and powerful self, which was compelling and inspiring to witness.​

Ying is YOLO! ​

~SOPHIA APOSTOL, Body Confidence Coach Sophia Apostol Coaching

I loved her authenticity, aliveness, and endearingness. 

~WHITNEY GORDON-MEAD, Owner and Founder Intuit Wisdom, LLC

I LOVED Ying Han's vibrancy, and she supplied wonderful client examples!


Her system makes it seem magical and easy. ​

~JULIANNA RICCI, Author and High Impact Coach J. Ricci Energy​

Ying Han's energy and enthusiasm made the presentation awesome. 


Ying Han is so compelling

~SARA HART, Founder Sign of Enough with Sara Hart


Ying Han is amazing! Her presentation produced excitementclarity, and was awe-inspiring


The work she is doing is such a gift to the world! ​

~MOLLY MANDELBERG, Tech Savvy Strategist & Creation Coach Wild Hearts Rise Up

Words of wisdom, from one who knows.​

Ying Han's presentation possessed a lot of creativitypower, and light


She showcased a clear idea of the spiritual side of money and work.


Ying Han Cheng is an international bestselling author, speaker and conscious business innovation coach.


Through her You Only Live Once (YOLO) Life & Business Style book and Freedom Success Formula International Online Group Coaching Program, she supports entrepreneurs and conscious executives in 5 continents pinpoint their PASSION, turn it into ACTION and (in many cases) FUND their 7 figure YOLO lifestyles. Her clients span Asia, Africa, Europe, and USA.

Her work has been seen on 350+ networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, “The Startup Celebrity Show”, Forum for the future, and BBC.


Prior to coaching, she managed digital marketing teams in 6 countries for IBM & Lenovo with Ogilvy & Mather. She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Innovation, is a Master Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner and has been a part of Stanford, Claremont Mckenna College, Singapore Management University, and University of San Francisco.

I loved Ying Han's core message and her focus on making your numbers fun.


She had a great story and I could feel her energy, playfulness, and passion.

~MINETTE RIORDAN, Founder Minette Riordan, Ph.D. - Coach, Author, Speaker​

Fund the fun is a great title! I was captivated by Ying Han's energyfun, and light!  

~STARR SHEPPARD-DECKER, Founder, Coach, & Speaker Radical Revelations

Wow! That was amazing! Loved the language repetition.


The name of Ying Han's presentation is so compelling and I was swayed by her congruency!

~KARENINA JAHNIGEN, Success Mindset Coach & Breakthrough Specialist Karenina Jahnigen, LLC​

This is a super exciting topic and Ying Han is living it!


Keep the energy up - Ying Han so cool. Her talk gave people a sense of possibilities.


Ying Han is passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging


She introduced me to the exciting potentials of seeing business through lens of fun .

~BRETT RHODES, Professional Coach Brett C Rhodes LSCW​

I was impressed by Ying Han's energy, passion, presence, and fluency in the topic

~CHARLIE REID, Director Lady Wellness Coaching

Ying Han is so full of life and excitement!


I loved that her talk was very accessible.

~LYNN HOFFMAN, Dr. Lynn Hoffman Tempel​

Hope to see you at one of my upcoming events!

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Ying Han Cheng is a powerful and graceful speaker. Her story is honest, vulnerable and bold, inspiring listeners to live their "Best Life". 


Ying's combination of physical dynamics with dialogue make this a fun, impactful and trans-formative presentation. 


As impressive as her professional background is, Ying is approachable and playful

~BERNARD LANGAN, Internationally respected Martial Arts Instructor and expert in Healing, Somatics  and Movement

You will feel like you have known her your whole life.

Yesterday after a long days work, it was very refreshing to gain fantastic insights from one very dedicated speaker, Cheng Ying Han.​

~CHUA EUI KIN, Corporate Account Manager Fuji Xerox​

Thanks for sharing the powerful and effective way of using social media.​


~KOH IVY, The Republic of Singapore Air Force​

Thank you. Ying Han did a great job. Learned a lot from her.​


Ying Han carries so much enthusiasm and possesses really great perspective shifts on making lifestyle the money magic focus. 



Ying Han's energy projects all the way to the BACK of the room! 

~LISA GORDON, Founder Healing Touch Program​

I loved Ying Han's enthusiasmpassion, and blend of geek and spirit. It was awesome how Ying Han painted a picture of my possible YOLO Lifestyle + Career.


You inspired me that night with your fearlessness and enthusiasm. ​


Ying Han is a bright star. She was enthusiastic and totally present. Loved how she included fun in just enough. I felt comfortable placing my trust in her. 


(Bonnie was so inspired she went on to solidify her target audience and created her own workshop!)​

Ying Han is engaging - she had great hand and body movement for her points!



~CINDY MANIT, Founder, Yoga Instructor, and Tim Ferris Protege Creative Genius​

Ying Han inspires me to take massive action towards my dream lifestyle in a fun way!​

Ying Han Cheng has been leading the way with her own Lifestyle Innovation, living the life on multiple continents. Working closely with her, she is passionate about supporting people to turn their passions into profit! If you are up in the SF/BAY area, I highly recommend her workshop.

~LUCIA PAXTON, Founder Sensual Life Consulting & Photography​

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... what an amazing energy Ying Han has. And she really does! I always like when a seminar gives you something hands-on and Ying Han's definitely did. It was what I expected.

I've listened to MANY seminars in my life and Ying Han's is unique because how she delivers it, with her charisma, honesty and positive energy.The thing that's still stuck in my brain is about the obstacles to reach your goal.


If you want to hear something honest and refreshing on how to create more value into your life, go to a seminar with Ying Han. Note to self; be open! :)


Honest and refreshing on how to create more value into your life!


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