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Your Best Life Guided Audio!


Dive in PLAY your You Only Live Once Best Life Manifestation Audio where you will SEE your YOLO vision and CHALLENGES in your way to get a jump-start on your YOLO Lifestyle and Business NOW!


Listen to the audio BELOW.



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1. Find a place you can quietly sit with your earphones in, uninterrupted.


2. Write out clearly what you'd like to get out of this guided audio (ie. develop a crystal clear vision of my You Only Live Once Career)


3. Summarize your intentions into 3 words. This keeps it simple and allows you to return to it and STAY FOCUSED.


4. Keep a notebook on hand so that you can jot down any insights that pop up for your own notes or to share with the Facebook group!


5. Listen to it every MORNING before you leave the house. Or, before you go to bed - and allow the process to continue in your sleep. 



Tips to get even more out of your experience:

Really FEEL into it. Don't let any emotion escape. Trust that whatever you're feeling will bring you closer to your goals.


** Participants have uncovered and cleared ALL kinds of BLOCKS that stopped them from moving forward.

How to Get the Most Out of Your 20 min Best Life VISION session

Your Best Life Guided Audio Ying Han Cheng
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