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Designing your You Only Live Once Career


Why do some people know EXACTLY what they want in a dream job - AND miraculously get it while others struggle behind the pressure of even dreaming about their TRUE dream job?


Why are some people driven, motivated and inspired by their career search process while others are confused, frustrated, and feel like it's an obligation and responsibility that is going to rob their freedom away forever?


In the You Only Live Once Career Design Virtual Talk, Bestselling Author and CMC'10 Alum Ying Han Cheng will share:

  • 3 Biggest Myths when it comes to IDENTIFY your dream career

  • 3 Biggest struggles that stop people dead in their tracks

  • 3 Secrets to getting your dream job ASAP


If you are ambitious, eager, excited to live a life + career worth pursuing, and want to find out how to overcome the obstacles standing in your way - you'll want to join us.


Limited spots available. Claim your spot below.

Ying Han Cheng guides transformational leaders, change makers, entrepreneurs, corporate go getters and people who are ready to do deep work experience transformations so that they can contribute at the highest level.


She's an international bestselling author, speaker and executive lifestyle and business innovation coach.


Through her You Only Live Once (YOLO) Life & Business Style book and Freedom Success Formula International Online Group Coaching Program, she supports thousands of entrepreneurs and conscious executives in 5 continents pinpoint their PASSION, turn it into ACTION and in many cases allow their YOLO work to support their multi-figure YOLO lifestyles. Her clients span Asia, Africa, Europe, and USA.


Her work has been seen on 350+ networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, “The Startup Celebrity Show”, Forum for the future, and BBC.


Prior to coaching, she managed global digital marketing teams at Ogilvy & Mather. She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Innovation, is a Master Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP) practitioner and has been a part of Stanford, Claremont Mckenna College, Singapore Management University, and University of San Francisco.

Register for our upcoming Talk:


Designing your OWN Career

[Marketing, online entrepreneurship, analytics, digital media,

personal development]


with CMC'10 Ying Han Cheng ​

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